A brief insight into the new cars introduced by Mitsubishi

According to experts in automobile industry, since the recent past, there has been an increasing demand for Mitsubishi cars. In order to meet this soaring demand, almost every year Mitsubishi has been introducing different models of their iconic cars. Interestingly, in every model of Mitsubishi new cars, you find greater emphasis being paid to the comfort of the occupants of the car and the improved technology which enhances the efficiency of the car.

Mitsubishi new cars

Several new models:

Take, for example, the Mitsubishi Toowoomba series, where you find several innovative models like ASX, Mirage Sedan, Outlander, Lancer, challenger and Triton and so on. The cars are so designed, they address the needs of a family car and similarly there are sports model and SUV models with exclusive utilities. Most of the experts in automobile industry point out that every model of Mitsubishi new cars is rugged built and designed to last for several years offering flawless service. These cars are also known for their reasonably good mileage. Check len patti for more details.

A brief introduction to some of the models of Mitsubishi new cars has been briefly explained here:

·        Mitsubishi has introduced Outlander series of cars.  This has a diesel-powered engine car fitted with 2.2L D1-D type of engine. The car has a whopping 390 Nm torque, and it gives out 150 PS peach power. The car has 6-speed manual gear box along with automatic gearbox. This model is known for achieving higher fuel efficiency.

·        ASX is another popular introduction by Mitsubishi. This model has a four-cylinder turbo diesel engine of 2.2 liter capacity with 147 BHP. The pickup is so spontaneous that you can cruise at 62 mph in just 10.8 seconds.  The top speed of this model is 118 mph! It is provided with 6 speed gears. The exterior of the car has an elegant design.

·        Mitsubishi Challenger is yet another wonderful introduction that has attracted the attention of car lovers. This car with 17 inch alloy wheels is equipped with 2.4 ltr tubo engine with 350 Nm torque. The car has 4D wagon body with 131 KW maximum power.

Go on a test ride:

You can get these cars from any of the authorized car dealers Toowoomba market has today. Request the dealer for a test ride and you would certainly enjoy the drive and also appreciate the unique features of Mitsubishi cars.  These authorized dealers will provide you every detail of the car.

Other facilities available:

Wherever required, the authorized car dealer will arrange for a finance facility from some of the reputed financial agencies. He will also arrange for the insurance. These authorized dealers also deal with other models of cars, including used cars. The dealers also supply genuine spare parts. In fact, they normally procure the spare parts directly from the manufacturers. The dealers will give you a warranty on the spare parts bought from them. The warranty will also extend to the used cars. The dealers will have well-equipped workshops where they undertake repair and service of all models of cars. The agencies have adequately trained and experienced technicians.

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